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About this Web Site

GOTHAMCENTER.ORG is aimed at would-be time travelers to New York City's past. In many ways, the site is always under construction, and its depth and usefulness continue to grow as we collect and organize information from and about New York's wider historical community.

The site provides both a handily-centralized resource directory, and a regularly-updated calendar of events. The former spotlights the city's history makers (museums, societies, libraries, archives, historic sites, colleges, neighborhoods groups, tour guides and individual scholars). The latter showcases their current offerings (exhibits, talks, walks, films, web sites, books, etc). Users can search both by topic, location, time period, and keyword.

GOTHAMCENTER.ORG also provides numerous on-line discussion groups where the general public and the academic community alike can talk New York City history by exchanging opinions on recent books, exhibits, films, talks, TV documentaries, CD-ROMS, etc. You might even find your favorite historian online to talk about his or her recent work and ready to answer questions.

Finally, our site provides resources for K-12 educators teaching NYC history. We are just launching a multi-year teaching initiative that will eventually provide teachers assistance with everything from information on helpful websites to suggestions for lesson plans and field trips.

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