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Former Mayor Giuliani, in an unprecedented and ill-advised action, has taken personal control of his official city papers. Under a contract worked out in the last days of his administration, Giuliani will have the right to block public access to any papers in which he deems he has a "private interest," unless Mayor Bloomberg renegotiates the agreement. Please consider joining me in signing on to the following petition, which will be delivered, with all names that have arrived that arrived byTuesday, February 5, 2002, to Mayor Bloomberg.

Mike Wallace, Director, Gotham Center for New York City History

We the UNDERSIGNED 1211 citizens endorse the attached New York Times editorial, and urge the city to arrange for the immediate return of all public documents to public custody.

City Papers Belong to the Public
New York Times Editorial, January 26, 2002

A week before he left office, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani quietly worked out a deal with New York City's records commissioner to move his papers to a private storage facility in Queens, where they now reside. This unprecedented and self-serving contract gives him the right to choose an archivist to catalog a roomful of city documents and to initially determine what is public and what is not. Mr. Giuliani's people have described this as an effort to help the city by financing and thus speeding up the archiving process. Not coincidentally, it will help Mr. Giuliani maintain control of his image and get quick access to material he needs to fulfill a $3 million book contract to write about his days as the city's mayor.

The idea of a high elected official controlling his own documents troubles many historians, archivists and journalists, harking back to the days when Richard Nixon left the White House with truckloads of papers and tapes. Mr. Giuliani left office under far different circumstances, but the former mayor has a long record of refusing to allow access to public documents concerning his administration. While the contract makes it clear that Mr. Giuliani cannot legally shred or delete documents without city approval, his own history does not breed confidence that his hand-picked archivists would err on the side of openness.

As it stands, most of the work will take place out of the city's reach, overseen by Mr. Giuliani's new nonprofit Center for Urban Affairs Inc. The city is supposed to have a say on how matters work at the Queens warehouse and what documents get shared with the public. But in reality, the overworked city archivists and the busy corporation counsel are not going to be able to spare the time to oversee the Giuliani staff's day-to-day activities.

While speed in organizing the papers may be important to Mr. Giuliani and his publishers, the top priority for the city is keeping all the material secure so that a complete record will eventually be available to historians. The Giuliani forces are supposed to come up with an archiving proposal by the end of next week, and the city's advisory board on archives plans to discuss this hijacking of documents at a meeting next month. Both occasions offer opportunities to make certain these papers are catalogued and controlled by someone whose first responsibility is to history, not to Mr. Giuliani.

If speed is Mr. Giuliani's concern, then he should be allowed to help underwrite the cataloguing so that archivists can do the job more quickly. But the original documents should be returned to the city's direct control first. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has defended the contract, must rethink his position. The mayor has the right to cancel the agreement within 90 days. He should do so unless Mr. Giuliani is willing to renegotiate.

© 2002 The New York Times Company

Cesar J. "Ayala," Ph.  City University of New York
Robert M. "Brill," Esq.  Law Offices of Robert M. Brill
Hon. James "Ecks," Ph.D  "City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin"
Joseph A. "Giacalone," Ph.D.  St. John's University
Victor K. "Jordan," Associate Professor  The Riverside Church Archives
Claudia B. "Rutherford," Ph.D. 
A. La Barre "Starensier," Ph.D.  independent scholar
George A. "Thompson," Jr  "Bobst Library, New York University"
David L. "Zahm," Ph.D.  New-York Historical Society
Rosalyn Aaron 
Carl Abbott  Portland State University
David Abel 
Heather Abel 
Raymond A. Achroth S.J.  St. Peter's College
Fernando Acosta-Rodriguez  New York Public Library
Rohit T. Aggarwala  Columbia University
Erin Alberson 
Prof. Ammiel Alcalay  Queens College
Jeff Alexander  writer
Dr. and Mrs. Allan 
Nedda C. Allbray Ph.D  independent scholar
Everett Allgood  New York University Libraries
Mary Allman  high school history teacher
N. Allman  Concerned Citizen
Basem Aly 
Vassiliki Anderjaska 
Zora Anderson  tour guide
F. Michael Angelo  historian and archivist
Elean Apostolos  "Boston University, Rare Book and Manuscript Archives"
K. Anthony Appiah  "Pen American Center - Chair, Freedom to Write Committee"
ashton applewhite 
Susan Aprill  Brooklyn Public Library
Elizabeth Archer  Archivist
Anne Lombardo Ardolino
Anne Ardolino
Anna Arkin-Gallagher  Yale University
Christina Armas  Gotham Center
Chris Armstrong  Middle Tennessee State University Graduate Student
Joan Arnold  My Generation
Carl Arnold 
Heidi Aronin 
Jean Ashton  Columbia University
Barbara Austen  Connecticut State Library
Ariane Austin 
Laurie Austin  Northeastern University History Graduate Student
Rakefet Avramovitz 
Vivian Awner 
Aramis Ayala  teacher
D. Ayala 
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Alan Balicki  New-York Historical Society
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Jack Ballinger  Public Housing Spotlight
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Simeon Bankoff  Historic Districts Council
Elizabeth Banks 
Kevin S. Bankston  "American Civil Liberties Union, National Office"
Diana Banning  "City of Portland, Oregon - City Archivist"
Marion Banzhaf  "Director, Sonya Staff Foundation"
X. Theodore Barber 
Richard E. Barry 
Bruce Baskind  Brooklyn Technical H.S.
Elizabeth Bidwell Bates  New School
David Baumel  CUNY
Julia Bazar  GLBT Historical Society
Thomas Beckman  Historical Society of Delaware
Naomi Behrman  New School University
Susan Bellrose  Roosevelt Island Historical Society
Tom Bender  New York University
Thomas Bender  New York University
Joseph Benjamin 
Judith Berdy  The Roosevelt Island Historical Society
Lisanne Beretta 
Gunnar Berg  Archivist
Monica Berger  New York City Technical College
David Bergman  MAS
Kristin Berkvist 
Rebecca Berlant 
Ira Berlin  University of Maryland
John Berman  New York University
Adele Bernhard 
Provirose Bernier  Attorney
Rose Marie Bernier  "Graduate School of Planning, UPR"
Rachel Bernstein  New York University
Jennifer Bernstein  The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Editor
Simon Bertrang  Sustainability Works
Lex Bhagat 
Janet Bianchini  CGS
Anna M. Bianchini  NYPL
Robert L. Bien  "Robert L. Bien,AIA,Consulting Architect"
Michala Biondi  New York Public Library
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Julian Bleecker 
Adrienne Fried Block 
Louis Blois 
John Bodnar  Indiana University
Michele Bogart  SUNY at Stony Brook
Elizabeth Bogen 
Claire Boise  CUNY
Pat Bonomi  New York University
Jeanne Bornstein  "New York Public Library - Research Coordinator, Exhibitions"
Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend  IUCN/CEESP/CMWG
Carmen Boullosa  Center for Scholars and Writers
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Jeanne Bowlan  Rutgers University
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Kevin Boyle  University of Massachusetts
Valerie Jo Bradley  Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association
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Toby J. Brandt 
Dr. Mark E. Braun  SUNY-Cobleskill
Sally Brazil  The Frick Collection
Kathleen Brennan  Archival Consultant
Jeffrey Brewer  Hunter College
Steve Brier  CUNY Graduate Center
Dana Brill 
Alan Brinkley  Columbia University
Ray Bromley  State University of New York at Albany
Arlene Bronstein 
Donna Brooks  "Penguin Putnam, Inc"
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John M. Cammett 
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Katie Caperton  New York University - student
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Anthony Cappa 
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Maryann Chach  Shubert Archive
John Chaneski 
Maria Chao 
Jason Chappell  CUNY Graduate Center - Student
Noah Chasin  CUNY Graduate Center
Noah Chasin  CUNY Graduate Center
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Marjorie Chester  East Hampton Star
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Bruce Cohen 
Professor Lizabeth Cohen  Harvard University
Mitchel Cohen  Green Party of New York & Green Party USA
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Elizabeth Cornell 
Cornelia Corson  "retired librarian, formerly at the Spence School"
Mimi Cortese 
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Mary Cotta 
Christine Crandall  "Archivist, American Jewish Archives"
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ellen crimmins 
Leigh Crizoe 
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Jane Davenport  John Jay College
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Howard Davis 
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Victoria de Grazia  Columbia University
Peter S. de Lopez  Humane Liberation Party
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George Dehner  Northeastern University
Jose deJesus  Centrer for PuertoRican Studies/CUNY
Linda A. Delma 
George dePue  NY Metro Direct Action Network
Peter Derrick  historian
Michele Deutschman 
Scott Dexter  Brooklyn College/CUNY
Joseph P. Diaferia 
Lauren Diamond 
Shelley Diamond  JPMorgan Chase Archives
Morris Dickstein  Queens College and GSUC
John Diefenderfer  SUNY Albany student
Josh Diehl  Student
Walkiria Dilone  Centro For Puerto Rican Library and Archives
Hasia Diner  New York University
Eleanor Dionisio  New School University
Sasha Disko  New York University
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Bill Dobbs  Queer Watch
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Douglas Doe  RISD Archives
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Teresa Doherty  "Archivist, London UK"
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Mary Donahue  Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts
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Gregory K. Dreicer  Chicken&Egg Public Projects
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Amy L. Drum  Artichoke Dance Company
Shoshana Dubey 
Daniel Dubno  CBS News
Adam Dugas 
Barbara J. Dunlap  Grolier Club
Bryan Durr  D-Squared Media
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Martin Duus 
Cathy Dwyer  Pace University
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Joan Ehrlich 
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Ecegul Elterman 
Lala Endara 
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Ron Evans 
Patricia Evans 
Firth Fabend 
Amy Fairchild  Columbia University
Angelo Falcon  Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund
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Geniene Feldman  Green Party
Marshall Feldman  The University of Rhode Island
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Justin Ferate  Tours of the City
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Craig Ferguson.  "Archivist, Worcestershire Record Office, England."
Johanna Fernandez  Columbia University
Tirso Fernandez 
Teresa Feroli  Polytechnic University
Wendy Feuer  Consultant
E. Fialkova 
Peter I. Fifield  The Nation magazine
Christopher Finan  American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
Paula Finn  Queens College
David Fischer 
William T. Fischer 
George Fiske  Columbia University
Frances FitzGerald  Pen American Center - President
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Gordon Flett  VDLC
Mr. Dee Bobbie Flowers 
Benjamin Flowers  "University of Minnesota, Program in American Studies"
Kimberly Flynn  New York Environmental Law Project
Maribeth Flynn 
Martha Foley  American Bible Society
Eric Foner  Columbia University
Eric Foner  Columbia University
Jonathan Fontaine  New York Public Library
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Robert Forloney  Museum of the CIty of New York
Paula Francesshelli 
Janice Frank  librarian
Stuart Frankel  Porcine Software
Robert H. Frazier  FreemanFrazier & Associates
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J.R. Freund  professor
Edith F. Fried  Fortune Magazine
Elizabeth Friedman  City University of New York
Adam Friedman 
Martin Fromm  Columbia University
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Margaret Fung  Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
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Troy Fuss 
Vienna Fuzak  Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Ann W. Gaffney  "BHA, HDC, Fine Arts Fed"
Beverly Gage  Columbia University
Nora Gaines  Bank Street College of Education
Mary Nahon Galgan 
Gerald Galison  Harvard Club
Jean Gallagher  Polytechnic University
Stella de M.Aleman Gallardo  Personnel
Nora Galler 
Patricia Galloway  "Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas-Austin"
Ira Galtman  "President, Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York"
Herbert Gans  Columbia University
Bianca Garcia 
Ellen G. Garvey  New Jersey City University
Jennifer Gatti 
Eileen Gatti  "John Jay College, CUNY"
Arthur Gatti 
Edward Gaynor  University of Virginia Library
Brian Geary 
Marilyn Gelber 
Noah L. Gelfand  New York University
David Gellman  DePauw University
Jody L. Georgeson  Telecommunications History Group
Donald Gerardi  "Brooklyn College, CUNY"
Julian Gerena-Quinones  student
Gary Gerstle  University of Maryland
Joanna Ghiggeri 
Scott Gianelli  Columbia University
Thomas Gijswijt 
Carolyn Gil 
David Gilbert  Retired
Joseph Gilbert  Green Party
Gena J. Gilliam  Middle Tennessee State University
Sigrid Gilmer 
Sherine Gilmour 
Peter Ginna  Oxford University Press USA
Alan Ginsberg  Union Theological Seminary Archives
Fred J. Gitner  Queens Borough Public Library
Joanna A. Giuttari 
Lynne Glasner 
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Donald Glassman  Barnard College Archivist
Kathryn Gleason  "NYCTC, CUNY"
Roberta Gold  University of Washington - doctoral candidate
Frances Goldin  "Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc."
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Janet Goldner 
David Goldstein  ", NY Inc."
Robert Goldwitz 
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Leonard A. Gordon  Columbia University
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Arthur A. Goren  Columbia Univesity
Jude Gorjanc 
Betsy Gotbaum  Public Advocate
Erika Gottfried  Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Janet Gottlieb 
Jenny Gotwals  New-York Historical Society
Michael Governor 
Karene Grad  Yale University
Channell Graham  Staten Islander
Elizabeth Grant  University of Birmingham
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Angela Graven  Pratt Institute
Nicola Gray  "Professional Archivist & Records Manager based in London, England"
David Greenberg  Columbia University
Michael Greenberg 
Stanley Greenberg 
Lori Greenberg  MAS
Ronald J. Grele  Columbia University
Ron Grele  Columbia University
Mary Griffin  FIND/SVP
Julie Griffiths  Friend of the City
Jane Grimes 
Rebecca Grimwood  Green Party
Ray Grist 
Elizabeth Groden 
Jill Grossman  City Limits
Frank Gubasta 
Helen Marie Guditis  Broadway Theater Institute
Kenneth J. Guest  Baruch College
Jennifer Gunter  Virginia Tech - Digital Library and Archives
Owen Gutfreund  Barnard Collge
Linda Gutman 
Nell Gutman 
Marta Gutman  Berkeley Center for Working Families
Todd Gwinn  "Librarian, The New York Public Library"
Samantha Hack 
Jonathan Hagel  Brown University Department of History
Uraline Hager  Hunter College
Susannah Hagey 
Cathy Moran Hajo  New York University
Melissa Haley  New-York Historical Society
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Mark H. Haller  "Temple University - History Department,"
Ann Hallowell 
Everett Halvorsen 
Joseph Hamel  New-York Historical Society
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Theodore Hamm  New York University
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Ellen Hammond 
Chung Han 
Hugh Hardy  HHPA
Jan Hargreaves  Archivist working in the UK
Jean Harripersaud  Librarian
Rebecca Hartman  Rutgers University
Christa E. Hartmann 
Kate Hartnick  Hartnick Consulting
Elizabeth Harvey  Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York
Gabriel Haslip-Viera  "City College, CUNY"
Gerald Hassett 
Jo Hastings  Entrepreneur
Rebecca Hatcher  "Rakow Research Library, Corning Museum of Glass"
Carolisa Haviland 
Richard Haw  John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Ron Hayduk  "Borough of Manhattan Community College - Assistant Professor, Department of Social Scinece"
Alex Haynes  Columbia University
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Sally Heckel  New York City resident
Margaret Heilbrun  New-York Historical Society
Gunnar Hellekson 
Dr. Susan R. Henderson  Syracuse University
Keith Henson  ARSCC
Gerald Herman  Northeastern University - Dept. of History
Vivian Hernandez  Brown University
Rog Hernandez  Viva NYC
Pedro Juan Hernandez 
Prof. Julio Hernandez-Delgado  Hunter College
Michael Hertz 
Renee L. Hertz 
Marsha Vander Heyden 
Scott Heyl  Preservation League of NYS
Felix Hiciano 
Amanda B. Hickman 
Christopher Derhammer Hill 
Patricia Hills  Boston University
Michele Hiltzik  Rockefeller Archive Center
Michael Hirsch  writer
Peter Hirsch  New York Public Library
Doris Hirsch 
Graham Russell Hodges  Colgate University - Professor of History
Judy Hoffman 
Anthony S. Hoffmann 
Tracie Holder  The Papp Project
Michelle Holdt  PLAY Collective
Brett C. Holleman 
Clifton Hood  Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Jonathan Hooper  TbPro
Marie E. Hooper  Oklahoma City University
Joseph A. Hooper 
Shel Horowitz  amateur historian/NYC native
Ross Horowitz 
Deborah W. Houston  Theatre Professional
Paul Howard  Willamette University
Martha Howell  Columbia University
Ya-Hsuan Huang 
Patricia K. Hughes 
Brigid Hughes  The Paris Review
Arthur Huh 
Tarry Hum  Queens College
Andrew Hurley  University of Missouri--St. Louis
Rich Hutchins  MTSU
Ada Louise Huxtable 
Tom Hyry  Yale University
Jeffrey Hyson  St. Joseph's University
Dan Icolari  "St. George Civic Assn., Staten Island, N.Y. 10301"
Richard Immerman  Temple University
Anitra Ingalls  Stony Brook University
Daniel H. Inouye  New York University History Dept.
Sharon Irish  "University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign"
Bill Issel  San Francisco State University
Kenneth T. Jackson  Columbia University
Sally Jacobs  Archivist
Jennifer Jacobs  "University of California, Irvine"
Susan Jacobsen  State government
Charles Jacobson  Morgan Angel & Associates
Robert V. Jacobson 
Susan Jacoby  "Center for Scholars and Writers, New York Public Library"
Kent M. James  Carnegie Mellon University
Steven James 
Joan Jankell  public library
Kathryn Jay  Barnard College
Phyllis Jenkins  "Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc."
Brian Jennings  Kunhardt Productions
Robert Jereski 
Nurah-Rosalie Jeter  Schomburg Center
Christina Johnson  Archivist
Sarah Johnson  New School University
Aaron Johnson 
Jessica Jolly 
Kevin F. Jones Ph.D. 
David Jones 
Linda C. Jones  Winter Hill Associates
Frederick W. Jordan  "Woodberry Forest School, Virginia"
Tony Jordan 
Jenna Weissman Joselit  Princeton University
William L. Joyce  Penn State Univ.
Joanna Kakissis 
Amalia Kakissis  "Archivist, British School At Athens"
Lynda B. Kaplan  American History Workshop
David M. Kaplan  Polytechnic University
A Kaplan 
Michael Karp  "Karp Media, Inc."
Barrie Karp  "New School University, School of Visual Arts"
Carole Kass  First Word Resume Preparation
Andrew S. Kass 
barbara katz 
Esther Katz  New York University
Alyssa Katz  City Limits
Rachel Keegan  Prospect Park Archives
John Keenan 
B L Keim  Keim Publishing
Mollie Keller  City of Bridgeport
Tim Kelley  "President, San Francisco Landmarks Board"
Lawrence W. Kennedy Ph.D  The University of Scranton
Russell Kenny 
Brian Keough  University at Albany
Linda K. Kerber  "May Brodbeck Professor of History, University of Iowa"
Julie Kerssen  "Museum of History and Industry - Seattle, WA"
Thomas Kessner  CUNY Graduate Center
Sadrul Khan  Polytechnic University
Ajay Khashu 
Cynthia A. Kierner  University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Linda Kikel 
Michelle Kimball 
Joan Payne Kincaid  Long Island Alliance For peaceful Alternatives
Roderick C. Kincaid  NYSTA
Roderick C. Kincaid  NYSTA
Patricia King  Waverly Bank Neighbors Association
Nicholas Kingsley  "Chairman, National Council on Archives, UK"
Joy Kingsolver  Chicago Jewish Archives
Dave Kinkela  New York University
Joan E. Klein  University of Virginia
Lorinda Klein 
Joseph Kleinman  Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools
Thomas Klem 
Beverly Kline  Historian
John Kloberdzn 
Brian Klopotek  School of American Research
Cindy Klumb 
Steve Knight  CUNY
DG Knowler  "Director, A&E, CPSP, NYC SCA"
Rachel Knowles  "Franklin Furnace Archives, Inc."
Edward Koch  former mayor of New York City
Gerard T. Koepppel  independent historian
Joseph M. Komljenovich  Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York - Board Member
Andrew Koncz 
Fred Kopetz 
Patricia Korn 
Vrginia Sanchez Korrol  "Brooklyn College, CUNY"
Christina Kostoff  October 22nd Coalition
Lauren Kozol  Polytechnic University
Sydelle Kramer  The Frances Goldin Agency
Marla Krauss  American Museum of Natural History
Carol H. Krinsky  New York University
Lee Kronick  WBAI Local Advisory Board
Jody Kuh 
Albert S. Kuperman  Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jeannie Kwon  ISO
Diana Lachatanere  "Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library"
Mark Ladov 
Michael Laird  independent artists of New York
Donna Lamb 
Garrick B. Landsberg  American Museum of Natural History
Joel Landy 
Sarah Langsdon  Weber State University Archives
Andy Lanset  WNYC Radio Archives
Mary H. Latimer-Chung 
Aldo Lauria  College of the Holy Cross
William M. Lavallee  Northeastern University
Courtney Lavery  Archives Graduate Students
Lori Lawrence  Texas Christian University
Steven Lawry 
Rosemary Lazenby  Member SAA
Alexandra Leaf  scholar
Ted Leather 
Katherine Lebow  Columbia University
Jane Dickler Lebow  independent contractor
Robert Lederman  "President, A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)"
Dana Ledger  "Archivist, Leo Baeck Institute"
Andrew H. Lee  "Tamiment Library, NYU"
John Lee  SUNY Maritime College Library
Sheila Lehman  Polytechnic University
Zach Lehrhoff 
Suzanne Lengyel  Salomon Smith Barney
Ellen Leopold 
Marc H. Lerner  Columbia University
Robert Lesko  citizen
Prof. Alan Lessoff  Illinois State University
Rena Levin 
John Levin 
Steven A. Levine  CUNY Graduate Center
Stephen H. Levine  City College of New York
Louis D. Levine  Museum of Jewish Heritage
Alan D. Levine  Attorney
Robert Levy 
Saskia Levy 
Nicola Levy  Archivist
Tom Lewiston  USWA
Richard K. Lieberman  La Guardia and Wagner Archives
Daniella Liebling 
Elizabeth Lilker  New York University
Janet Linde  Archivist
John N. Linder 
Larry Little 
Rory Liu  Architect/Planner
Cheryl Livian 
James Loeffler  Columbia University
Peter J. Logan 
Dr. L. Jonothan Logan 
Jim Fleming Lombardo  Autonomedia
Madeleine Lopez  Princeton University
Leon Lowder  Columbia University
Arel Lucas  "University of California, San Francisco Project Archivist"
Mary Lui  Yale University
Susan Lusk 
Carol Lutfy  journalist
Christie Lutz  Princeton University
Jennie Lynch  "Archivist, UK"
Margaret Lynch  "University of Texas, Austin"
Barbara Lynch  Cornell University
Jo Lynn 
Ilann Maazel 
William F. MacLehose  "Temple University, History Department"
John Mage  Attorney
Meg Maher 
John Maier  New York University
Sybil Maimin  writer
Yasuhiro Makimura  Columbia University
Rev. Kobutsu Malone  The Engaged Zen Foundation
Miriam Mandelbaum  "Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, New York Academy of Medicine"
Nelson Mar 
Robin Marcato 
Peter Marcuse  Columbia University
Patrick Markee  Coalition for the Homeless
Gerald Markowitz  "John Jay College and Graduate Center, CUNY"
Norman Markowitz  Rutgers University - Department of History
Annette Marotta  resercher performing arts library
Silvia Marsans-Sakly  New York University
Heidi Marshall  Archivist
Tony Martignetti  St. John's University
Anne Martinez  University of Minnesota
Diane Martz  Heinz Family Archivist
Randall Mason  University of Maryland
Barbara Mathe  Archives--American Museum of Natural History
Jonathan Matt  Municipal Art Society
Paul H. Mattingly  New York University
Margaret Maugenest 
Julie Maurer  Consultant
Jon-Paul Maurin 
Louise Maxwell 
Richard Maye  BigHutZ Productions
Karen McAuley 
Savona Bailey McClain  "Director, West Harlem Art Fund, Inc."
Elizabeth McCrank 
Jennifer McDaid  Library of Virginia
Maura McDermott  Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Lavern McDonald  New School University GF Sociology Student
Micki McElya  New York University - History
Elizabeth McEvoy  Archivist
Ryan McFaul 
Matt McGowan  "Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc."
Matthew McGowan  Doctoral student
Gavin McGuffie  "Archivist, London, England"
Linda M. McKinzie  Mercy College
Stephen McNabb  Random House
Jo Ann McNamara  Hunter College
Chris McNickle  independent scholar
Dr. Clay McShane  Northeastern University
Ann McVeigh  PRONI
William C. Medici 
Nitza Medina  Hunter College
Jeremy Megraw  New York Public Library
Miriam Meislik  University of Pittsburgh
Nina Meledandri 
Todd Melnick  "George Washington Universtiy Law School, Jacob Burns Law Library"
Steve Mendelsohn 
Gloria Messer 
Susan Van Metre  Penguin Putnam Inc.
matthew meyer 
Jesse Meyer 
Elizabeth J. Mickel  "President, Far West 10th Street Block Association"
Peter Mickulas  Rutgers University graduate student
Benjamin Miller  "Environmental Policy Services, LLC"
Julie Miller  CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College
Jennifer S. Milligan  Cooper Union
Naa Koshie Mills  Ghent Magazine
Daniel Millstone 
Lorraine C. Minnite  "Barnard College, Columbia University"
Michael Miscione  writer
Matthew T. Mitchell  Fiscal Policy Institute
Andrea Moed 
Julie Moffat  Prospect Park Alliance
John Mollenkopf  CUNY Graduate Center
Rusty Monhollon  Hood College
Richard Mooney E.  writer / independent journalist
Deborah Dash Moore  Vassar College
Kelly Moore  Barnard College
Angela Moore 
Teresa Mora  "Archivist, New York, NY"
Silvia Moretti 
Michelle C. Morgan  Columbia University
Erich Morisse 
Elizabeth Morringello 
Ann Morris 
Douglas G. Morris  "New York Public Library, Center for Scholars & Writers"
Francis Morrone 
Meredith Moss 
Archie Motley 
Mary Anne Mrozinski  King Manor Museum
Martin Muckler 
Khalil G. Muhammad  Rutgers University
Thomas Mullaney  Columbia University
Robyn Muncy  "University of Maryland, College Park"
Bill Murawski  citizen - NYC resident
Andrés Mares Muro  Mary's Center Clinic
John Murray  Manhattanville College
Matthew Thomas Murrell  Mount Sinai Medical Center
Michael Musuraca 
Scott Myers  New York University
Keri A. Myers  Wagner Labor Archives
Timothy A. Nadeau 
Jon Naiman 
Michael Naiman 
Francisco J. Najera 
David Nasaw  City University of New York
Alice Nash  "University of Massachusetts, Amherst"
Dr. Edgard Nau 
Nina Nazionale  New-York Historical Society
Jane Necol  Parsons School of Design
Lucia Nelson  Archivist
Ann Nelson 
Robert Nelson  CUNY Graduate Center
Sarah Nerney  Library of Virginia
Barbara Stabin Nesmith  "University of Penn., Phd candidate in City and Regional Planning"
Immanuel Ness  Brooklyn College/CUNY
Christopher P. Neville  New York Marble Cemetery
Rachael L. Nevins 
Elisabeth Nevins 
Darcy J. Newbold  Heinz Family Office
Chuck Newman 
Joseph Ng 
Sami Nguyen 
Becky Nicolaides  "University of California, San Diego"
Barbara J. Niss  Archivist
Carolyn Noering 
Anita Nordal 
Tricia Norene 
Betsey Norland  Rutgers University
Laurie Norris  Intercultural Communications Consultant
Stephen E. Novak  "Head, Archives & Special Collections, Columbia University Health Sciences Division"
Minda Novek 
Michael Novick 
Maria Joaquina Nunez 
Luis F. Nuno  New School University
Stephen V. Nutt 
Diane O'Donnell 
Valerie Ogar 
Abeeku Ohene  the Universe
Daniel Okrent 
Patricia Oldham  Hostos Community College
Kim Oliver  SUNY College of Optometry
Daniel Opler  New York University
Steven Oppenheim 
Gerald Oppenheimer  "Brooklyn College, CUNY"
David Orenge 
B Orkson 
Thomas Ort  New York University
Laurie Ourlicht 
Max Page  University of Massachusetts
Kimberly Palumbo 
Mae Pan 
Robert Pandolfo  Beverley Square West Association
Vijay Panjeti 
Melina Pappademos  New York University
Lia Paradis  Rutgers University
Janette Pardo  Thomas A Edison Papers
Gabriela Pardo 
Leslie Paris  University of British Columbia
Sueyoung Park-Primiano  New York University
Nathaniel Parks  "Boston University, Special Collections"
Floria Parmiani 
Brenda Parnes  New York State Archives
D.K. Patton  New York University
Judith Pearlman 
David Scott Pecoraro  Beach Channel H.S. UFT Chapter Leader
Yvany B. Peery 
Laura Peimer 
Jeffery Peress  GreensNY/LI
Nelida Perez 
Jennifer Perryman  Louisiana State University
Patricia Della Peruta 
Carla L. Peterson  New York Public Library Center for Scholars and Writers
Carla Peterson  University of Maryland
Kate Pfordresher 
B Pham 
Dao Pham 
Sarah Phillips  Boston University
Rhian Phillips  "Archivist, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK"
Karen Phillips  Family Learning Project
Laura Phipps 
Pamela Pier 
Herbert Pierson  St. John's University
Dana Pilson  City University of New York
Orlando Plaza  New York University
Kathleen Plourd  Chicago Historical Society
Jerald Podair  Lawrence University
Judy Pokras  editor/founder
Jo-Ann M. Polise 
Tom Poplawski  WPKN radio
Thom Powers  New York University SCPS
Jolie Preau  University of New Orleans graduate student
Richard Prelinger  "Director, Internet Moving Images Archive"
Wendell Pritchett  University of Pennsylvania Law School
Dan Prosterman  New York University
Stanislao Pugliese  Hofstra University
Craig Pullen 
Sharon A. Pullen  Suffolk County Archivist
Seth Pullen 
Brian Joseph Purnell  New York University PhD Student
Harriet Putterman 
Leonard Quart  CUNY Graduate Center
David Quigley  Boston College
Christophe Quinn 
Gloria E. Quinones  East Harlem Resident
Bonnie Nelson R.  John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Henry F. Raine  "New-York Historical Society, NYU Mellon Project"
Yasmin Ramirez  CUNY Graduate Center - Art History Department
Mario H. Ramirez  New York Public Library
Garrett Ramirez  United Federation of Teachers
Eldin Rammell  Pfizer Records Manager
Jacki Thompson Rand  University of Iowa
James Randle  Academy of American Studies
Alex Rankin  Boston University
Raja G.S. Rathour  York College Alumni Member
Julia Raza  AXA Financial
John T. Reddick 
Lisa Reeve 
C.S. Regenhard 
Dr. Steven A. Reich  James Madison University
Kevin S. Reilly  "University of Massachusetts, Amherst"
Abraham Rein  EurasiaNet
Stuart Reininger 
Suzanna Reiss  New York University
Joanne Reitano  "LaGuardia Community College, CUNY"
Patricia Rich 
Joy Rich  Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York
Barbara Richard 
Cynthia Richards 
Anthony Riddle  MNN
Nathan Riddle  historian
Nina Rifkind 
Alison Ritz  New York City Museum School
Felix A. Rivera  Centro-Hunter College
Sonia Jaffe Robbins  "freelance writer, editor, teacher"
Gillian Roberts  "Archivist, Scotland"
Corey Robin  Brooklyn College
Lorie Robinson 
Stephanie Romeo  writer
John Rommel 
Louise Ronan 
Michelle Ronda  CUNY Graduate Center
Chris Ronk 
Abraham Rosario 
Joanne Rosario  New York Public Library
Joan T. Rosasco  Exhibitions International
Robert Rosenthal  "VP, JP Morgan,Chase(ret.)"
Roy Rosenzweig  George Mason University
Lee Ross 
Alix Ross  New-York Historical Society - project archivist
Steve Rosswurm  Lake Forest College - History
Tamar Rothenberg  Youth Communication
Jane Rothstein  New York University
Blythe Roveland  St. John's University Archives
J.M. Rudder 
Jane Rudofsky 
Nancy Rudolph  American Society of Media Photographers
Dr. Lawrence H. Rushing  "LaGuardia College, CUNY"
Andrew Russakoff  St. John's University
Gene Russianoff  NY Public Interest Research Group
Jeff Rutherford 
Diane Ryan  Chicago Historical Society
Jean Ryan  Disabled in Action
Roderick Ryon  Towson University
Kathleen Sabogal  Carnegie Hall Archives
Angelo Sacerdote 
Susan Sacharski  Chicago Area Archivists
Lynne B. Sagalyn  Columbia University Business School - Professor
Lily Saint  CROWD magazine
Bren Salamon  RCHI inc
Linda Salavaria 
Tony Salvatore 
Karen Sampson  Archivist for a large UK bank
Judith Samuel  "Mt. Saint Mary's College, Los Angeles (public services librarian)"
Arturo I. Sanchez  Pratt Institute
Catherine Sanders  Marquette University - History Student
Kristen R. Sanders  Indiana University
Andrew K. Sandoval-Strausz  University of New Mexico - Asst. Prof. of History
Cass Sapir  WNET/ Ch. Thirteen
Michael Sappol  National Library of Medicine
Ast. Prof. Jonathan Sassi  "College of Staten Island, CUNY"
Haun Saussy  Stanford University - Professor
Federico Savini 
Seth M. Scheiner  "Rutgers University - Professor Emeritus, History"
Paul Schickler 
Lenore Schlossberg 
John Schlotterbeck  DePauw University
Joe Schmid 
Chad Schmidt 
Mark A. Schmidt  Museum of World War II
Jeff Schneider  Midwood High School
Louis Schneider 
Eric C. Schneider  University of Pennsylvania
Zachary M. Schrag  Columbia University
Ingalisa Schrobsdorff  New York University
Jennifer Schuessler  New York Review of Books
Kirsten Schultz  Cooper Union
David Schuyler  Franklin & Marshall College
Pauline Schwager 
Michael Schwenk  New York Hospital
Jennifer Scott 
Milton Scudder  New York University
Shirley Secunda  Community Board 2
Martha Segarra 
Robert Selden 
William Selig 
Jefferey M. Sellers  University of Southern California
Joyce Seltzer  Harvard University Press
Marilyn Semble 
Harriet F. Senie  "City College, Graduate Center, CUNY"
Susan Sermoneta  Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY
Frank Serpico  Det. NYPD ret.
Bill Sewell  Saint Mary's University
Michael Shae 
Elizabeth Shanklin 
Joseph Shapiro  "Fordham University, Associate Professor Emeritus"
David A. Sharma  Office of the Mayor employee
Eileen Sheehy  Registered Nurse
Elizabeth Shepard  New York Weill Cornell Medical Center Archives
Joyce Shepard  Citizens' Action Committee For Change
Paul Sheridan  Brooklyn College
Paul Sheridan  "Brooklyn College, CUNY"
Timothy Shields 
Donald Shire 
Gregory Sholette  REPOhistory
Martin Shore 
Russell Shorto  journalist
Frederick Shorts  NYC resident
Catherine E. Shugrue 
Neil L. Shumsky  Virginia Tech - Dept of History
karlan sick 
Dorothy Siegel  New York University Institute for Education & Social Policy
Norman Siegel 
Joshua Siegel 
Larry Siems  "Pen American Center - Director, Freedom to Write and International Programs"
Mitchell Silver  "NY Metro, APA"
Eli Silverman  John Jay College
Shayna Silverstein 
Roger Simon  Lehigh University
Joanna Sinha  Brown University
Bob Sink  CJH
Susan L. Skata  ABS- Archives
Susan Skata 
Robert Sklar  New York University
Eric Slater  Manhattanville College
Howard Slatkin 
Herbert Sloan  Barnard College - Professor of History
David Smiley  Columbia University
David Smith  The Princeton Review
Tiffany Smolick 
Mitchell Snow 
Leah Snyder 
Robert W. Snyder  Rutgers University
Jonathan Soffer  Polytechnic University - Assistant Professor of History
David Soka 
Daniel Sokolow  North Shore-LIJ Health System
Frederique N. Sol  Curious former Rudy voter (1st term ONLY) who wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him
David Solomon  "Archivist, Congregation Rodeph Sholom"
Gerald Sorin  "State University of New York, New Paltz"
Jonathan Soroko 
Judy Starr Soskin 
Ben Soto 
Daniel Soyer  Fordham University
Daniel Spagna 
Sheila Spalding  Boston University
Barbara Spandorf 
Susan L. Speaker Ph.D.  National Library of Medicine
Michael Spear  Graduate Center of The City University of New York
Susanna Speier 
Mark Speltz  Historical Researcher
Robert Spencer 
Jason Spiegel-Grote  New York University
Harley Spiller  "Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc."
Harley Spiller  Franklin Furnace Archive
Jennifer Spohrer  Columbia University PhD program in history
Lisa Spurrier  Archivist
Joseph Stackell 
Daniel E. Standifer 
Lorraine Stanislaus 
Ivan D. Steen  "University at Albany, SUNY"
Judith Stein  City College of New York
Sally Stephensen  "Archivist, City of Manchester, NH"
Matthew Stephenson  "Archivist based in London, UK"
Kathryn Stephenson  New York University
S M Stern  Leadership NY XIII
Kathleen A. Stewart  Library of Virginia
J M Stifle 
John R. Stobo  Columbia University grad student
Sam Stoloff  "Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc."
Alan Strauber  Hunter College
Charles Streich 
Elizabeth Strom  Rutgers University
Stacey Strongarone  New York University School of Law - Student
Professor Walter Struve  CUNY
David Suisman  Columbia University
Amy Surak  Archivist
Anna Suranyi  Northeastern University
Rod Suter 
Mark E. Swartz  The Shubert Archive
Shelley Sweeney  University of Manitoba
Ryan Swihart  Gotham Center
Nancy Swyers 
Craig Taborn 
Alexandra Tager 
Jennifer Tammi  Columbia University
Margaret Tamulonis  University of Vermont
Jennifer Tappan  "Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences"
Anne Tardos  Harper's Magazine
Carol Tarlen  University of California
Jane Tate 
Joan Kennedy Taylor  Feminists for Free Expression
Karyn Taylor  "Archivist, Canada"
Richard Taylor  "Archivist, based in York, England"
Alexander Tedeschi 
Caroline Thibeaud  "Bath University, UK archivist"
Rachael Third  "Archivist from Glasgow, Scotland"
Kathleen Thomas 
Robert S. Thomas  "Candide Media, Inc."
June Thompson 
Thomas Thurston  Columbia University
Benjamin Tinker 
Vincent Tirelli 
Emanuel Tobier  New York University
Brad Tobin 
George Tomlinson  New York University
Lisa Tonarelli  central nassau greens
Prof. Terry J. Tondro  University of Connecticut Law School
Maria Torre  CUNY Graduate Center
Silvio Torres-Saillant  Syracuse University
Xavier F. Totti  "Lehman College, CUNY"
Debra Travis 
Gail D. Triner  "Rutgers University, Dept. of History"
Gideon Trokan 
Gideon Trokan 
Lloyd Trufelman  "Trylon Communications, Inc."
Sophia Truslow 
Susan Tunick  "President, Friends of Terra Cotta"
Dr. Gerald M. Turchetto  "Consultant, NYC Board of Education"
Doug Turetsky 
Grady Turner  The Museum of Sex
Stephen Turtell  Museum of the City of New York
Linda Tvrdy  Columbia University
Jennifer Ulrich 
Paul Unglaub 
Dell Upton  "University of California, Berkeley"
Stephen Urgola  The American University in Cairo
Mark D. Van Ells  "Queensborough Community College, CUNY"
John E. Van Sant  University of Alabama-Birmingham
Mary van Valkenburg  The Nation magazine
Joseph Varga  New School University
Julio Shaune Velazquez 
Theresa Ventura  Columbia University
Anthony Viera 
Robert A. Vietrogoski  "Archivist, Columbia University Health Sciences Division"
Lisa Vigliarolo 
Patrick Vitale  Syracuse University
Carla C. Waldron 
Carla Waldron  New York University
Daniel Walkowitz  "Metropolitan Studies, New York University"
Penny Wallace  Gotham Center (volunteer)
Mike Wallace  Gotham Center
Alan Wallach  "American Studies Program, The College of William and Mary"
Judith Walsh  Brooklyn Public Library - Brooklyn Collection
Gloria J. Walters 
Rob Walters  NY Citizen
Richard C. Wandel 
Anne Wangh 
Doyle Warren  NYC Fire Dept.Retired
Suzanne Wasserman  Gotham Center
Andrew H. Watt 
Dan Weaver  Nation Books
Vicki Weiner  Municipal Art Society
Asha Weinstein  University of California at Berkeley - Dept of City and Regional Planning
Alan Weinstein  "University of California, Berkeley"
Karen Weis 
Carol Hersh Weiss 
Miriam Weiss  New York Public Library
David Weiss  Suspension Productions
Marta Weiss  Princeton University
Norman Weiss  Queens College
Jane Weissman 
Eugene Weixel  Child Protective Specialist
Richard Wener  Polytechnic University
Pam Weppner 
Sam Werberg 
Judith Werner 
Randy West 
Dr. Loren Weybright  Brooklyn Parents for Peace
Harlan Whatley  Hunter College/CUNY
Shane White  University of Sydney - History
Andrew White  New School University
Carolyn Whitzman  McMaster University
Constance Wiesman  American Craft Museum
Lois Wilcken  "La Troupe Makandal, Inc."
Jocelyn Wilk  Columbia University Archives & Columbiana Library
Daniel Levinson Wilk  Duke University
Karol Wilkins 
Julia Willebrand  Green Party
Laura Willis 
Roderick Wilson  Stanford University
Stacy Wilson 
Kora Wilson 
Barbara Winslow  "Brooklyn College, CUNY"
Teresa Wise  McGraw-Hill
Benjamin Wise  Brown University
Wendy Wolf  Penguin Putnam
Judith Wolfe 
Terri Wolfe 
Joe Wong 
Lois M. Wood 
Susan Woodland  Hadassah archivist
Sharon Woolums 
R Worrell  Alchymist Designs
Shelley V. Worrell  New York University
James Wunsch  Empire State College (SUNY)
Chris wydman 
Sian Wynn-Jones  Archivist
Deborah Wythe 
Jean Fagan Yellin  Pace University
Eric S. Yellin  Princeton University - Department of History
Justin Yockel  Hunter College
Judy Young  Random House
Kimberly Youngblood  McGovern Historical Archive
Felix Yukilevich 
Edgardo Vega Yunque 
Laura Zelasnic  New York State Newspaper Project
Wei Zhang  Artist
Stephen Zielinski  Suspension Productions
Samuel Zipp  Yale University
Christy Zlatos  "Librarian, Washington State University, Pullman Washington 99164"
Karen Zukowski  Cooper-Hewitt Parsons MA Program in the History of Design