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Action Update

Dear Co-petitioners:

I would like to bring you up to date on recent developments, and, if I may, once again enlist your help in pushing forward towards a satisfactory conclusion.'

Today, Monday March 25, 2002, the Governmental Operations Committee of the New York City Council (chaired by Bill Perkins) introduced to the full Council a bill designed to outlaw the removal of public papers from public custody in the future. The law would also apply retroactively to 1/1/02, and thus should bring the Giuliani Center contract, as revised by the current administration, under its mandate.'

[A copy of the proposed legislation can be found here on our website.]

THE GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS COMMITTEE WILL HOLD HEARINGS ON THE PROPOSED LEGISLATION ON FRIDAY, APRIL 5. If the Committee finds, after hearing testimony pro and con, that the bill does not need redrafting, the Committee could vote on the bill that same day.

If a majority of the Committee supports it, the bill could conceivably be brought before the full Council for a vote. The earliest date after the hearing that the full Council meets will be Wednesday, 4/10/02. '

If the bill passes, it would be presented immediately to the Mayor who would have 30 days to sign or veto it (if he does nothing, it automatically becomes law).'

If the bill is vetoed, it returns to the Council, which has 30 days to override the veto. Within this 30 days, the bill repeats the same cycle as above (re-introduction, Committee vote, and full Council vote), except the full Council must now pass the legislation by a 2/3 rather than just a majority vote. Once this happens, the bill becomes law notwithstanding the Mayor's objections.'

THE FIRST STEP IN MAKING THIS HAPPEN, HOWEVER, REQUIRES YOUR PARTICIPATION. It is very important that all our 1,250 signatories clearly signal to the Committee, the Council's Speaker, and the Mayor that they support passage and signing of this legislation. I am told that the most effective way of weighing in involves WRITING OR FAXING A LETTER, and to facilitate this, we are providing a draft letter (to which you may add your own comments), and a set of snail mail addresses and fax numbers. IN ADDITION, WE ARE PROVIDING AN EASY EMAIL OPTION: you can simply click in the appropriate box, and the same letter will be automatically emailed to the entire contact list. ALL YOUR INPUT SHOULD BE RECEIVED WELL BEFORE THE APRIL 5TH HEARINGS.

Thanks for your support. We've done well so far. I hope and expect that if we make a concerted effort now, we can win an appropriate conclusion, one that is really in the best long term interest of all parties - and particularly the public.

Best, Mike Wallace


Fax or mail the attached 11 pre-formatted letters to Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Speaker Gifford Miller, Governmental Operations Committee Chair Bill Perkins, and Council Members Joseph Addabbo Jr., Leroy Comrie, Eva Moskowitz, Michael Nelson, Madeline Provenzano, Christine Quinn, Philip Reed, and Peter Vallone Jr.

The bundle of 11 letters is available in word or PDF format.

letters to council and mayor.doc letters to council and mayor.pdf

Campaign to Keep Former Mayor Giuliani's Papers public

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