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Alexander Hamilton
by Ron Chernow
Publisher: Penguin Books 2004
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Building on biographies by Richard Brookhiser and Willard Sterne Randall, Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton provides what may be the most comprehensive modern examination of the often overlooked Founding Father. From the start, Chernow argues that... >
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Archaeology of New York State
by William A. Ritchie
Publisher: Doubleday 2000
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
The only one-volume account of the early peoples of New York State.
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The Battle For New York: The City At The Heart Of The American Revolution
by Barnet Schecter
Publisher: Walker & Co 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
The Battle for New York tells the story of how the city became the pivot on which the American Revolution turned—from the political and religious struggles of the 1760s and early 1770s that polarized its citizens and increasingly made New York a hotbed... >
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Before the Melting Pot: Society and Culture in Colonial New York City, 1664-1730
by Joyce D. Goodfriend
Publisher: Princeton University Press 1995
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
From its earliest days under English rule, New York City had an unusually diverse ethnic makeup, with substantial numbers of Dutch, English, Scottish, Irish, French, German, and Jewish immigrants, as well as a large African-American population. Joyce... >
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Black And White Manhattan: The History Of Racial Formation In New York City, 1624-1783
by Thelma Wills Foote
Publisher: Oxford University Press 2003
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Race first emerged as an important ingredient of New York City's melting pot when it was known as New Amsterdam and was a fledgling colonial outpost on the North American frontier. Thelma Wills Foote details the arrival of the first immigrants, including... >
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Brooklyn, USA: Fourth Largest City in America
by Rita S. Miller, ed.
Publisher: Brooklyn College Press 1979
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This collection of essays is devoted to the historical and sociological study of Brooklyn- once an independent city, but now a borough of almost 2.5 million inhabitants within New York City. One essay gives a historical overview of 500 years of continual... >
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Cadwallader Colden: A Figure Of The American Enlightenment
by Alfred R Hoermann
Publisher: Greenwood Press 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Cadwallader Colden was a Scottish emigre to the American colonies in the 18th century. Trained as a physician, he settled in Philadelphia in 1710 to establish a medical practice. In 1718, he was offered a minor administrative position in the Province of... >
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by Amanda Dargan, Steve Zeitlin
Publisher: Rutgers University Press 1990
Avg Rating: (1 review)
A paean to play by a husband-and-wife team of folklorists, this hodgepodge of facts, quotes, scholarship and stories traces New York City frolics from the Triassic period (origin of the brownstone) through the introduction of elevators, electric street... >
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Dangerous Economies: Status and Commerce in Imperial New York
by Serena R. Zabin
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press 2009
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Dangerous Economies uncovers the ways that the eighteenth-century New York City helped shape the culture of the British empire. Men and women, slaves and free people, elite and non-elite New Yorkers all wrested opportunities from this volatile mix of... >
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Divided Loyalities: How The American Revolution Came To New York
by Richard M Ketchum
Publisher: Henry Holt 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Before the Civil War splintered the young country, there was another conflict that divided friends and family-the Revolutionary War Prior to the French and Indian War, the British government had taken little interest in their expanding American empire.... >
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by Pete Hamill
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Cormac O'Connor, who arrives in New York City from Ireland in 1741, has been given the gift of immortality--but only on the condition that he never leave the island of Manhattan. Through his eyes, this magical epic follows the city's transformation from... >
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Generous Enemies: Patriots And Loyalists In Revolutionary New York
by Judith L Van Buskirk
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
During the seven years of British occupation that spanned the American Revolution, communities conventionally depicted as hostile opponents were, in fact, in frequent contact. "In this wonderfully well-written book, Van Buskirk unearths a wealth of... >
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The Great New York Conspiracy Of 1741: Slavery, Crime, And Colonial Law
by Peter Charles Hoffer
Publisher: University Press of Kansas 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Three and a half decades before the city of New York witnessed the first great battle waged by the new United States of America for its independence, rumors of a massive conspiracy among the city's slaves spread panic throughout the colony. On the... >
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Harlem, Lost And Found: An Architectural And Social History, 1765-1915
by Michael Henry Adams, Paul Rocheleau
Publisher: Monacelli Press 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Harlem, Lost and Found presents an architectural and social history of Harlem. The text starts in the early days--the establishment of the first European farms in the mid-1660s--and continues through the Harlem Renaissance, where artists, writers, and... >
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I Speak of the City: Poems of New York
by Stephen Wolf (editor)
Publisher: Columbia University Press 2007
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
I Speak of the City is the most extensive collection of poems ever assembled about New York. Beginning with an early piece by Jacob Steendam (from when the city was called New Amsterdam) and continuing through poems written in the aftermath of 9/11, this... >
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In The Shadow Of Slavery African Americans In New York City, 1626-1863
by Leslie M Harris
Publisher: University of Chicago Press 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
In 1991 in lower Manhattan, a team of construction workers made an astonishing discovery. Just two blocks from City Hall, under twenty feet of asphalt, concrete, and rubble, lay the remains of an eighteenth-century "Negro Burial Ground." Closed in 1790... >
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The Island at the Center of the World: the Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan
by Russell Shorto
Publisher: Vintage 2004
Avg Rating: (2 reviews)
When the British wrested New Amsterdam from the Dutch in 1664, the truth about its thriving, polyglot society began to disappear into myths about an island purchased for 24 dollars and a cartoonish peg-legged governor. But the story of the Dutch colony... >
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It Happened On Washington Square
by Emily Kies Folpe
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
The heart of New York City's Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park has been a vital public space for nearly two centuries. Lined by elegant townhouses, anchored by Stanford White's iconic Washington Arch, and used by students and professionals, dog... >
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Jewish New York: A Guide To The 350 Year-Old Community
by Ira Wolfman
Publisher: Universe Pub 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
A beautifully illustrated guide to Jewish life in the metropolis: Jewish New York celebrates Jewish life in New York City from the seventeenth century to the present through a selection of photographs, memorabilia, souvenirs, manuscripts, postcards,... >
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Jim Crow New York: A Documentary History Of Race And Citizenship, 1777-1877
by David Nathaniel Gellman, David Quigley
Publisher: New York University Press 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
"With so many document collections aimed at teaching scholars and students about slavery and race relations in the nineteenth-century South, it is refreshing and enlightening to read a collection that reminds us of the northern side of the... >
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A Maritime History of New York
by WPA Writers' Project
Publisher: Going Coastal, Inc. 2004
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Republication of a seminal work about New York City’s waterfront which begins with the formation of New York Harbor in the Ice Age and covers the history of the great seaport through when the book was first published in 1941. The Going Coastal edition... >
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Origins Of Women's Activism: New York And Boston, 1797-1840
by Anne M Boylan
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Tracing the roots of women's voluntary activism in the decades following the Revolution, Boylan examines over 70 organizations founded in New York and Boston and led by women from across the spectrum: Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish; African American... >
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Sea Gate Rememberd: New York City's First Gated Community
by Arnold Rosen
Publisher: Xlibris February, 2004
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Sea Gate Remembered chronicles growing up in the 1930s and '40s in a Brooklyn seaside community. Arnold Rosen acquaints readers with the rich diverse history and lore of this famously picturesque locale. From Henry Hudson's exploration of the area's... >
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So Others Might Live: A History Of New York's Bravest ; The FDNY From 1700 To The Present
by Terry Golway
Publisher: BasicBooks 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
This history of New York's bravest (the FDNY) is "a useful and relentless reminder of the scourge of fire--a weapon of terror long before 2001--and the routine heroism of the city's firefighters" ("New York Times"). 80 photos.
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Stand, Columbia: A History Of Columbia University In The City Of New York, 1754-2004
by Robert A McCaughey
Publisher: Columbia University Press 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Marking Columbia Universitys 250th anniversary, this is the definitive history of one of Americas oldest and most redoubtable urban institutions in the countrys largest, most culturally diverse city. This comprehensive history of Columbia University... >
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The Timeline History Of New York City
by David Playne
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan 2003
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
New York City's fascinating history unfolds brilliantly in a book that includes 2,000 facts and dates on a timeline over fourteen feet long!
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