Sweatshop Cinderella
Short Documentary, color
Director, Producer, Writer: Suzanne Wasserman
Director of Photography: Christina Voros
Editor: Ron Eyal
Original Score: John Putman


Review of Sweatshop Cinderella

Hagit Cohen reviewed Sweatshop Cinderella in Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies & Gender Issues.  Read the review at muse.jhu.edu.

Sweatshop Cinderella trailer now on YouTube!

Documenting a Sweatshop Cinderella: Q & A with Suzanne Wasserman

The short new documentary, “Sweatshop Cinderella,” captures the fascinating life story of the writer Anzia Yezierska. Best known for her 1925 novel, “Bread Givers,” Yezierska’s incredible life story involved a romance with philosopher John Dewey, as well as a brief stint in Hollywood. The documentary reveals fragments of the only known voice recording of Yezierska, as well as clips from “Hungry Hearts,” the 1922 silent Hollywood film that was based on her short stories.

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‘Sweatshop Cinderella,’ Minus the Happily Ever After

She was “loud, coarse and demanding, constantly intruding her presence everywhere and taking up all the air in the room,” according to literary critic Vivian Gornick.

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Local history through Jewish-American literature of the Lower East Side

The media commonly referred to immigrant writer Anzia Yezierska as the “Sweatshop Cinderella.” If this irresistibly colorful moniker was only awaiting an accompanying biography, Suzanne Wasserman, director of the Gotham Center for New York City History, sponsor of the program at the Tenement Museum, has provided one.

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Dropping the Pen and Opting for Film to Tell a Life

Documentary film maker and historian Suzanne Wasserman thought briefly about writing a book about the popular Lower East Side Jewish writer Anzia Yezierska, but since there were several biographies already, she decided to make a short film instead.

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Gotham Center for New York City History
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