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#1 2003-09-21 21:50:00


cambria heights, Queens

I lived in Cambria Heights since 1971. I attended P.S. 147 on 219th St. At P.S.147 we used to have dodge ball games, these were the biggest game during gym class, One class on one end of the gym and the other class on the other side of the gym. The object was simple, once you were hit with the ball you were out! Sometimes we had 2 balls, and you threw one up high to cause people to look up and at that time you throw the other ball on a line drive really fast to hit an unspecting person! This was during the early to mid 1970's. The Bethel church on Linden Blvd between 219th and 220th Street used to be a movie theatre where mother took me and my brother to see Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee, that was also during the mid 1970's.


#2 2004-01-07 19:09:26


Re: cambria heights, Queens

cambria heights

I too went to PS 147 from 1969 to 1973. However, my memories weren't that fond. It was a pretty rough school. Everyday there was a fight after school. It was a scary time in my life. I am glad that I only went there until 4th grade, then we moved west. I do look forward to returning for a visit, and would like to see if it still looks the same.


#3 2005-03-14 01:35:59


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Looking for Dr Fine

I lived in Cambria Heights, attended PS 147 and Andrew Jackson High School.  It's great to see this forum.
Anyone know what happened to Dr Fine who had a practice on 223rd off Linden Blvd?  This was around 1967.  He would be around 80 now I think.


#4 2005-04-27 19:53:48


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Cambria Heights, Queens

I lived in C.H. from birth until age 13.  I lived at the corner of 217th and 115th ave.  I went to P.S. 147 and Linden Jr. High, #192. At 147, I remember Mrs. Stateel and Mrs. Adleman. Those were tough times, man , but I wouldn't want to trade most of it! I got in a fight almost every day. I was in the 147 school band and still play drums.  I went to Sacred Heart for religious instruction on Wednesday afternoons.  My best friends were Jimmy Greggus, Brian Weiner, James Zee, Trenton Brown, Drew Edwinson, Eddie Sennettie, (sp?), Mark Dolcy, Luann Librattie and Ginny Schafer, in addition to a BUNCH of others I'm sure escape me at the moment. 


#5 2005-04-28 13:13:17


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Cambria Hts, P.S. 147

...attended P.S. 147 from 1962 to 1968, and then 192 for (only)1 year (thank God) before moving to Westbury for my high school years... 


#6 2005-07-26 08:55:57


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Dr. Fine

Dr. Philip Fine passed away about 4 or 5 years ago.


#7 2005-10-24 14:13:41


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Life In Cambria Heights

October 24, 2005

Born, raised and schooled in Cambria Heights, 120-19 225 Street, I graduated PS 176 in 1968. But life did not really start until I went to IS 59 (when we started it still was JHS 59), and I met the residents of Laurelton, that turned into the friends and people that have molded me into the person that I am today.

Throughout my life, people tell me about the friends that they made in high school, or relationships forged in college. When I tell the stories of my adolescence, I tell the tales of Laurelton. Basketball, dancing (grinding) , stick ball, drinking (sorry mom), football at Alley Pond Park, sneaking through windows, (sorry to all the dads who now have daughters).

Cambria Heights, had great friends and great relatives. The 5 Bruckenthal/Kleidman BOYS...My brother Eric (Ric), the elder statesman of the clad, was 3 1/2 years my senior. The first in the family to wear the colors (Officer) of the school crossing guards, does it surprise any of us, that he is today the Chief of Police in Suffolk County. And all the boys followed in his foot steps, well as crossing guards and officers at least. Paul, Carl and Larry (Yogi) Kleidman, our three-first cousins, raised 4 houses down, all went through PS 176 and JHS/IS 59. I was right there in the middle of group...Cambria was the world to me...But then came 59!

Was I book smart, or as I insist, were the challenges of 59 more about getting us out alive...7SP2 and 9SP2 came calling...What did I know, I answered...What evolved were best friends, best romances, best experiences....We were black, we were white. We were Jewish, we were Catholics. We were male we were female. We would ride our bikes from Cambria Heights, the three miles to 156 and spend the day until the sun was long past gone in Laurelton. Our parents didn't know where we were, it was a time before cell phones, before concerns of what could happen, we were naive, and we were so very happy. First kisses, first sips, first of many things.
The summer of 1971, the year that we graduated from IS 59, a great year. A better summer...But what happened. I come home from camp, and it was a changed environment. Where did everyone go??? It was as if, all of my friends had moved away in two months...It was, as we know now, but in 1971 I had no idea, Andrew Jackson, and Springfield Gardens High Schools, were looming, and most of our parents had other ideas. Thus, the WHITE FLIGHT, that ended best times of my life. My Jackson career ended before it started, private school called, and soon we too took flight.

I go back to the old neighborhood, and think about the best times, the best friends, best girl friends. Where are they now...You try to stay in touch, a visit on the weekend, a college weekend, but we all went our separate ways. Other then my family, I have lost you all...Well except Chris Policano, who we've been trying to lose for years!  Where are you now, my best friends, my allies, my partners in crime and sport. My true loves! I hope that life has been great to you all, and that my worse fears (you know who you are) did not come true! This will be in alphabetical order, but you know where you really stand on the list! This is even more appropriate that I write to you today. Today, my son, turns 14. He too has just ended his Middle School years, and as he enters high school, I see and I know, that his friends will be with him for life. I am so jealous!

David Abrams, Eric Alperin, Lori Chozick, Mindy Chozick, J.Scott Chroman, Gary Eisenberg
Paul Ehrlich, Susan Feilich, Andrea Friedman, Hank Greenberg, Laura Glass, Godfrey Headley
Jane Hockman, Jody Kleinman, Andre Kloetz, Andy Krugman, Keith Lyons, Amy Margolis
Rhoda Meserole, Michael Moskowitz, Wendy Orshan, Kenny Perlmutter, Michael Rauch
Mona Rosenberg, Carolyn Russoff, Elaine Salerno, Wendy Spero, David Zuber

Steven Bruckenthal     Email Address: or
IS 59
Class of 71


#8 2005-11-05 23:30:03

Re: cambria heights, Queens

graduate of 71

wanted to say hello to andrew jackson high, and that I'd like a feedback from someone from that graduate year. Bruce groh. Lived in queens village, 209th street 94th ave.


#9 2005-11-26 22:54:04


Re: cambria heights, Queens


I grew up in CH...on 220St...
PS 147 kindergarden
8 years Sacred Heart
Molloy HS....Q4 bus and the E train

Yes White Flight 1969 ended it all, I went back 30 years later and was welcomed into the house I grew up in.


#10 2005-11-30 19:43:45


Re: cambria heights, Queens

The Old Days

I'm really glad I found this page.  I have
been living in Massachusetts since 1955 but
still have fond memories of Cambria Heights,
227th street, PS 147 and Andrew Jackson High
where I graduated in 1953.  I lost all my
AJHS addresses when I switched from AOL to
netzero.  I would love to get any of these
addresses back so I can continue getting
copies of Hickory Trails.  Please email me
(Joyce LaValle Cafasso)


#11 2006-01-22 19:51:47


Re: cambria heights, Queens

A Simpler Time

I too grew up in Cambria Heights and lived in the apts on 225th Street and Linden Blvd. There used to be a great German Deli across the street and don't forget A to Z Hardware! Anybody remember the Long Island Press station as a paperboy on 225? I worked in many of the local Tv repair shops along Linden Blvd. Thanks Mike L, Phil and Larry! I attended Sacred Heart on 221 St and later attended Thomas Edison in Jamaica until moving to Franklin Square in 73.
I too was welcomed into the home of my Grand Parents on 221 St in Laurelton. I was asked why I was sparked in front of this particular house. After I explained that I was daydreaming .... that I spent a lot of time there as a kid I was invited in. (At first I was asked if I was Tommy D as I had painted in the garage that I was there June 66  <img src="images/smile.gif"> )

I think of Cambria often especially when I was able to listen to WCBS on line and now Music Radio 77 on Saturday nights certainly brings me back home again to a simpler time. I hope and pray that everybodies wildest dreams came true!

Tom Dolan
Holiday, Florida


#12 2006-04-28 13:55:40


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Cambria Heights

I too went to PS 147 and then on to Sacred Heart. Moved to Long Island at 10. Never felt as comfortable as I did in Queens.
I stop by queens every time I come into town to visit family on the Island. Once a month or so. I lived at 115-104 217th Street from 1961 to 1971. Now reside in MA. Still prefer Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park.


#13 2006-06-04 17:23:10


Re: cambria heights, Queens

JHS59/7 SP





#14 2006-06-10 00:24:00


Re: cambria heights, Queens


I can't believe I've come across this address.  So many
wonderful memories. Steven- Your posting brought
smiles to my face.  It's amazing how we all experienced
the same feelings of 59 and then the" white flight "as we
started our HS years. I too often wonder how everyone is. I
recently received a call from Mike Moskowitz who put me
in touch with old friends.  It's fun reexperiencing our
childhood as our children are at the same age now that we
were then.  My oldest son is just completing 6th grade
and making friends that I hope will be as long lasting as
ours.  I still keep up with some Laureltonians but would
love to learn more about others. I recently found out that
Gary Eisenberg lives only minutes from me in Calif. and I
hope to reconnect with him soon.  Momories are
wonderful and last a lifetime.  They ARE what molded us
into who we are today!


#15 2006-07-16 18:29:50


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Laurelton Website

If you like this site, you should take a look at

AJHS '67


#16 2006-07-21 18:32:57


Re: cambria heights, Queens


I was a resident of this town until I graduated from Andrew Jackson H.S.  I hate to say it but, "Those were the days".

LAurelton was a great place to grow up.  Do you remember the Q5 bus that rode up Merrick
Road, then changed to Merrick Blvd.  Now, so much has changed.  But it always brings a smile to my face.


#17 2006-07-29 03:35:16


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Cambria Heights

I lived in Cambria Heights from !957 to 1975, and I rue the day that my parents decided to move there.  It was in the middle of nowhere, and to use public transportation to get to anywhere was uncomfortable and horrific. 

I remember the antisemitic tenor of the community--Sacred Heart did not preach tolerance.  I actually was roughed up by some antisemitic junior hoodlums. 

P.S 147 was run like a gulag, especially the cafeteria. 

I will say this, however.  My graduating class of almost 1,450 at Andrew Jackson high school had numerous distinguished graduates--two Harvard Med graduates, a Johns Hopkins Med graduate, several other doctors, a member of the US delegation to the UN, and a Harvard law professor.  Few high school graduating classes anywhere could compare to ours.  We had some decent teachers, but it was the kids themselves who were responsible for their own successes.  Alas, after the following graduating class, the school swiftly slid downhill.


#18 2006-07-30 15:40:45


Re: cambria heights, Queens

SO Sad

Really? Did you go to SH?
Those PS cafeteria's could be rough when you want a 2nd milk container!!!!!!!


#19 2006-08-20 15:13:39


Re: cambria heights, Queens

cambria Heights, Queens

My name is Chris MilliusI grew up in CH from 1949 to 1962. I went to Sacred Heart School and Andrew jackson HS.( I went to kindergarden ar PS 147) I lived at 116-04 227th ST. I remember taking the Q 4 bus on Linden Blvd. to Jamaica to shop for clothes or go to the movies( The Valencia, The Alden). I hung out with several  people including Johnny Budek, HughieChristie , Pete Hagen. I went to school with Mary Louise Weiss, who later was with the Shangra-las. I remember her signing " Wake Up Little Suzie" at at talent show at Sacred Heart which was considered scandalous by the nuns.I used to also play with the twins, Marguareete (sp)and Mary Ann.
The Cambria movies was also on Linden Blvd. We used to go to Kaplan's candy store and the Linden Sweet shop. Go to Cheery Woods. There was a small vegatable farm on the corner of 227th and Linden Blvd


#20 2006-08-22 01:47:01


Re: cambria heights, Queens

cambria hights, queens

yes, I do remember the LI Daily Press on 225th street. I too, delivered the Press. I also remember bying my first Schwinn from  Uncle Sam, The Bicycle Man on Linden Blvd. I remember Neff Pharmacy on 227th street and Tews (sp)Deli.on Linden Blvd. I rember New villa Rosa, an Italian Restaurant where I had my first Pizza I think it was on 226th. The A&P and Bohack on Linden. I remember the Carvel on Linden Blvd near Elmont.This was the 50's and early 60's just before Kennedy was shot. Simpler times. Great times


#21 2006-08-24 17:43:08


Re: cambria heights, Queens

LI Press

I liven in Cambria Hgts from 1967 - 1976. I was LI Press paper boy and delivered on 225 and 224 betwee Linden and 115th Ave.

I also attended Sacred Hear school and graduated 1974. I lived at 119-50 225th St. Those were th ebest times of my life.

Reading the posts here brings back many memories. Bohack, A to Z, the Library, the Post Office.

I need to think and post again later.


#22 2006-08-25 01:18:11


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Wonderful Years

Great Times...Great memories

I too was a LI Press boy and had the same route as you, but in 1963.
Those were tough and difficult years that you lived in CH. We moved out in 1969 like most in the Great White Flight..
Thats the sad part you cannot go home again


#23 2006-08-25 11:37:03


Re: cambria heights, Queens

LI Press

Wow, the same route eh?!

But there is a good chance you moved out to make room for me. Being that I was part of the great African-American influx to Cambria Hgts.

And it my eyes, it was also a wonderful place to live and grow-up. I had friends of all races and I think its still a great place.

You guys should chill on that white flight stuff. People could get the wrong idea. I came here to be nice and share memories.

My block had a few original owners of homes and I probably knew some of your old friends. I was big on mowing lawns, raking leaves and shoveling snow. All great ways to make extra money back then.


#24 2006-08-25 12:15:29


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Good Memories

I meant no offense, just stating what was a part of growing up white in CH in the late 60's. . Our parents the WW2 gen. reacted and the St. Albans realtors did also by "block busting".
But I think , hope and pray that its a better world now, perhaps due to yours and my generation.


#25 2006-08-25 12:40:29


Re: cambria heights, Queens

Wonder years


Was there a pet shop on the corner of Linden Blvd near the Press office when you were there? A dumpy little place and the owners lived in the back. I loved that place.

The German deli was the best but my first bike got stolen from in front of that store. So my Dad got me another one from the bike shop a few doors down.

I'm thinking of more stuff. We also shoped at the Bohack but got our milk and juice from Gowz(sp?) in Elmont.

Did you bowl at Argo Lanes in Elmont?



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