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#1 2004-08-25 09:51:31


Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

I am researching a book about a man
named Motty Eitingon, who was from
1920 to 1955, an immensely esteemed
and successful importer of Russian furs.
His company was incorporated in New
York, where he also lived.

There is nothing about Eitingon in the Fur
Workers Union papers up at Cornell, and
I am on the hunt for any archives that
might have papers relating to the New
York fur trade.

In addition, colourful man that he was,
Eitingon kept up with many well-known
successful men and women, many of
whom were associated with the
COmmunist party and progressive
causes, particularly in the arts. For
example Kurt Weil and Marc Blitzstein.

I have feelers out in the most obvious
places, but if I should consider less likely
archives and libraries, I would immensely
grateful if some one cold point me in their

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Thomas


#2 2004-10-03 19:16:39


Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Fur Trade

Try NYU's Labor Library.



#3 2005-01-30 17:00:26


Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Motty Eitingon

Hello Charlie,

Do you know if the Motty Eitingon that you referenced in the attached had a residence in Stamford, Ct. in the 1920's?


Walter Sheehan


#4 2005-05-03 05:06:19


Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

You might want to look at the book SPECIAL TASKS, Little Brown, 1994. On page 37 there is a discussion of Soviet NKVD secret policeman Leonid Eitingon. He had New York relatives. On that page there is a citation about a book about him and a review of the book by Theodore Draper in the New York Review of Books in 1988.


#5 2005-07-18 13:15:48

Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Motty Eitingon

You might want to look at a book called "Mark the Music" by Eric A. Gordon. It is a book about Marc Blitztein who lived in Motty's home in Connecticut for some time and wrote a song called "Chez Eitingon".

I was particularly interested because my father's original name was Eitingon and he said the fur traders were cousins. I never met them and cannot find the connection, although I am sure there is one. The eitingons originated in Shklov, Orsha and Mogilev. The psychiatrist, Max Eitingon, a friend of Freud was in the family.


#6 2005-08-25 17:36:48

Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Motty's Mistresses

Hi, Charlie:
I wonder why you are writing a book about old 'furry Motte'. His relation Leonid was much more intersting: a NKVD operative who helped organise the assassination of Trotsky! My maternal grandmother, Leanne Eidregivicus (Lithuanian nobility)  was one of Motty's lovers or so my mother says. In fact we have a photograph of Leanne and Motty taken in Switzerland. She is wearing a fur coat which was a gift from him and which my mother still has in her possession.
Leanne exchanged a few love letters with him, but my mother cannot track them.They broke up because he was called to Moscow for 'trade discussions' and was both nervous and tense, according to my mother. Leanne assumed that he was working for the NKVD and the fur trade was a convenient cover. Another interesting fact about him is the number of times he visited Berlin before 1936, all for the 'fur trade'.....if you would like to come and see us, do let me know. My mother is not well, but nothing serious. She's confined to a wheel-chair. We live in San Diego, but could put you up for a few days.  I get the feeling that mother knows more than she is prepared to tell me.I will be in Switzerland till September staying with my sister. Back on 20th September.I could certainly send you the
photograph digitally if you want. Are you related to Motty?


#7 2005-09-19 14:35:37


Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Eitingon Schild

Dear All:

I manage investments for individual clients.  One client called -- she has several certificates dated 1940, representing shares in the Eitingon Schild Company.  Does anyone know what might have happened to this company?


#8 2005-11-03 11:23:09


Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Fur industry

My family was in the same business, and I know that there were a lot of associations of furriers that had to do with the towns they came from in Europe.

These were often organizations that would buy group burial plots for their members.

So if you know where exactly in Europe Motty emigrated from, you might be able to find out about an association specific to that town.


#9 2006-08-18 09:14:28

Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Motty Eitingon

Dear Charlie Thomas,
I recently saw your 2004 message on Gotham in reference to Motty Eitingon.
I am his daughter and was interested in the fact that you  had been writing a book about him, or was it about the furriers union?  In any event I was curious.  Have you written the book.  Or if not, is there any way I can help with information.
Lee Eitingon Thompson


#10 2007-12-12 17:51:11


Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

Eitingon Family

Dear Lee Eitingon Thompson,

I am a descendant of the Eitingon family.  My grandmother Lida was an Eitingon and we have family stories about the fur business (and my parents have one of those false-fur blankets from Russia!).  I'd love to connect with you about your family history and stories.


David Hilton


#11 2011-10-25 02:52:17

New member
Registered: 2011-10-25
Posts: 1

Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

My name is Robin Schild
Tonight I was going through some old letters written by my late father Manfred Schild
In one letter dated about 1941  he mentioned he was working as an office boy for the partner of his late uncle Motty Eitingon. Of course I have never heard of him but now I am very intrigued. I know my family was involved in the fur business. My Grandfather was Leopold Schild who escaped to New York from Leipzig in1939.
Does anybody out there have any information that could enlighten me? I am clueless



#12 2013-11-10 15:18:59

Isabella G & Gideon R
New member
Registered: 2013-11-10
Posts: 3

Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

To all who have posted on this subject:

We are engaged in a biographical study of Dr. Max and Mirra Eitingon. Max, a disciple and sponsor of Sigmund Freud, was Motty Eitingon's cousin as well as his sometime brother-in-law,  and they were closely connected. A recent article of ours on the subject is accessible at , and a full scholarly-journal paper at -- we'll be glad to send the text to anyone who does not have access through a library.

We'd very much like to correspond with you all about the information you posted, and may have a lot more that might interest you. Please contact us directly!

Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez
Research Fellows, Truman Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem



#13 2013-11-10 15:21:56

Isabella G & Gideon R
New member
Registered: 2013-11-10
Posts: 3

Re: Fur Trade, Motty Eitingon, Eitingon Schild

oops, the site didn't display our e-mail as we intended. It's . Please feel free to write!




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