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Bela Lugosi in New York City 1947 - 1951

I am currently researching for a book about the late actor Bela Lugosi.  After Lugosi's Hollywood career fizzled, he spent most of his time in the New York City area from the spring of 1947 through April of 1951 working the summer theater circuit, radio, television, vaudeville, night clubs and other assorted personal appearances.

Specifically, I am interested in hearing from anyone who may have seen him in person on stage in The Bela Lugosi Horror and Magic Show that toured NYC area movie houses on stage off and on from late December 1950 through March of 1951.  I would be interested in personal reminiscences about seeing or meeting Mr. Lugosi at any of these shows.  I know for certain that he appeared in his Horror and Magic Show at the following theaters:  RKO Capitol in Trenton, NJ; RKO Proctor's Palace, Yonkers, NY; RKO Proctor's, New Rochelle, NY; RKO Alden, Jamaica, NY; RKO Dyker, Brooklyn, NY; RKO Regent, Manhattan; RKO Regent, Patterson, NJ; Warner's State Theater, Hartford, CT; RKO Proctor's Palace, Newark, NJ; RKO Kenmore, Brooklyn, NY; and RKO Stanley, Camden, NJ.  It is also possible that he appeared at RKO Proctor's in Mt. Vernon, NY and the RKO Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY as well as possibly on stage at other movie theaters.  The tour started in December of 1950, was postponed for awhile due to Lugosi getting the flu, then started back up sometime during January of 1951.  Besides personal remembrances, would also be looking for photographs taken at one of the shows, show programs or advertisements that may have been printed, newspaper advertisements if anyone kept any, and so forth.

Additionally, if anyone at all has any memories of seeing or meeting Mr. Lugosi at any of his summer theater productions, vaudeville shows, night club shows or other personal appearances in the New York City area, or has any printed memorabilia for the same, would be most interested in hearing about that as well.

Anyone having any information can contact me at the email address attached to my Gotham account.

Thanks in advance!


Bill K.    <><




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