Conference panels: October 6, 2001
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  Session One 10:00 - 12:00 Session Two 1:30 - 3:30 Session Three 3:45 - 5:45
Auditorium  New York City: 1945 - 9/11/2001 - And Beyond  Screening of Our Song  To Demolish New York: Precursors of September 11 in Fact and Fiction 
Recital Hall  The Gangs of New York -- More than the Movie  Interpreting NYC History for Museum Exhibitions (RT)  Illustrating the City: Artists and Everyday Life in New York (RT) 
Science Center  The History of Slavery in NYC (RT)  The History and Culture of New York: Views from Abroad (RT)  Like Strangers: Blacks, Whites and New York City's Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis 
Segal Theater  Bringing the Past to Life: Historians and Documentary Filmmaking (RT)  New Perspectives on the Movement for Civil Rights in New York City, 1945-1970  Radical Writers in New York City: From the New Masses to Norman Mailer 
9102 - Skylight Room  Building New Subways in New York: A 100-Year Look at Politics and Finance (RT)  Community Organizing for School Reform: The Question of Parent Agency Past and Present (RT)  Power Flow: Organized Crime, Environmental Activism, and the Privatization of New York City's Solid Waste System 
C 197  Ladies and Lawyers: Private and Public Reform Politics in 19th Century New York  The History of Noshing in New York City (RT)  Nelson Rockefeller, Edward Logue, and the Politics of Urban Development 
C 198  Health and Wealth: Hospitals and Healthcare in New York City from Medicare to Managed Care (RT)  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: Words and Images from NYC's Working People (INTERNET)  Picturing New York: Bird's Eye Views of New York and Images of Washington Square 
C 202/203  Building Sports Stadiums in New York City, Then and Now  New York/Utopia: The Labor Cooperative Housing Movement, 1919-1972 Part I: Three Bronx Utopias  New York/Utopia: The Labor Cooperative Housing Movement, 1919-1972 Part II: A City of Cooperatives 
C 201  The Old Stone House at Gowanus, Brooklyn, 1697-2001 (RT)  Teaching New York City History (RT)  The Garment Workers' New York: Immigrant Workers and Progressive Era Reform 
C 204  Gendering the Eighteenth-Century City  Religion in Early New York City  Religious Quests for Community in New York City History 
C 205  Art and Expression in Harlem in the Twentieth Century  Beyond the Ward Boss: Visions of Politics in New York City, 1860-1920  New York and the Culture of Silent Film (MEDIA/PANEL) 
8301/8304  The Decline and Fall of the New York City Waterfront: Container Technology, Conspiracy Theory, and the Rise of Port Newark-Elizabeth, 1965-2001  The History of New York City's Water Supply (RT)   
8400/8402  In Defense of Preservation (RT)  New York, Newspapers and the Evolution of Baseball: Henry Chadwick and the Development of Sports Journalism, 1856-1890  New York Nisei During World War II (MEDIA/RT) 
9204  If These Walls Could Talk: Doing a Local History of a Block or Building  Housing in New York: Can Tenements Live with Towers? (RT)  Dvorak and the Gilded Age: Issues of Race and Cultural Identity 
9205  Architecture in Interwar New York City  Preserving the Lower East Side: Imagining a New Ethos of Historic Preservation (RT)  Becoming Part of the Labor Mosaic: African-American Women and Their Activism in NYC in the 19th and 20th Centuries 
9206  Capital and Capitalists: The Political Economy of New York City, 1850-1950  Highbrow, Lowbrow and Middlebrow: The Post-Civil War Audiences for Music in New York  Fraud, Vice, Murder, Police: How New York's Underside Shaped 20th Century American Politics and Culture 
9207  Studies in the History of Fashion and Beauty in New York City  Breweries, Saloons and Taverns: Brewing and Drinking Life in New York City, 1840-1930  New York's Lost Children: Foundlings and Foster Care in Historical Perspective