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Sandra Opdycke
Institute for Innovation in Social Policy, Fordham University
public health

Robert A. Padgug
Lehman College, City University of New York
public health

Elena Padilla
St. Barnabas Hospital
public health

Elisabeth Israels Perry
Saint Louis University
Working on women and civic life in New York City from suffrage (1917) to rise of modern feminism (1970s)

Marilyn Pettit
University Archives and Columbia Library, Columbia University
Public schools; reform; archives

Brian Purnell
Anti-Racist movements in NYC, 1960s and 70s

Leonard Quart
Cinema Studies, College of Staten Island and Graduate Center, City University of New York
Film studies

Diane R. Ravitch
New York University
Public schools; reform

Christopher Ricciardi
Historical Archaeology - 17th through 19th Century history

Fath Davis Ruffins
Archives Center, Smithsonian Institution
Art and Expression in Harlem in the Twentieth Century

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