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Seneca Village Online
This site has a host of historical features that allow interaction with the history of the land and people that made up the pre-Civil War village of Seneca, previously on the upper West Side. It had been home to many free blacks and some Irish and was razed to build Central Park in 1857. Lots of good historical links too.

Sepia Town
SepiaTown is a new historical image website that gets people directly involved in their local history by uploading and mapping historical images from any location around the globe. These images can then be viewed on any computer (mobile version coming soon) for a truly interactive experience.

Staten Island Museum

Staten Island's 350th Anniversary
In 2008, the seed was planted for celebrating SI 350. Today, SI 350 consists of almost 100 volunteers who act as an advisory committee, contributing time, energy, expertise, advice, contacts, writing, research and technology skills. Those volunteers -- whether contributing as individuals or as representatives of an organization -- have been working very hard for the past year, assessing the dozens and dozens of ideas that have been offered, and laying the foundation for implementing the bes...

SusanSez NYC Walkabouts
SsuanSez NYC Walkabouts-Unique walking tours throughout NYC. Explores the neighborhoods and takes you off the beaten paths with a native New Yorker. Enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of NYC.

TACTICAL MEDIA Virtual Case Book: 9-11 and After
9-11 and After: A Virtual Case Book is a prototype for a planned series of what we are calling "virtual case books" (VCB), each organized around a key area of cultural activism in which tactical media play a central role. Because tactical media practices (see definitions) are inherently responsive, interactive, and constantly evolving, we chose a format that would make it possible to capture the specificity of such developments in different political and cultural contexts. We have also ta...

The Bowery Boys: New York City History
We maintain this website both as a support to our weekly podcast, as well as a resource of entertainment and information for native New Yorkers, former New Yorkers, tourists and those who have never been here. Essentially, we're just writing about things that we find really cool or interesting about our city. There are a great many other websites (see our blogroll above) that provide far greater depth on these subjects and we greatly encourage you to peruse them for more information. As r...

The Bronx is Beautiful
In 2006, leading New York realtor Barbara Corcoran called the South Bronx "the last housing frontier close to New York City" and put it on her list of the top five places to buy in America. While residents of many New York City neighborhoods have taken her advice, the majority of recent buyers have come from Manhattan. Between 2001 and 2006, well over 23,000 of them moved to the Bronx, making it by far the borough of choice for migrating Manhattanites. Attracted by the elegant, spacious, a...

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine Website
The pictures here are a little small and a little grainy, but Visitors to the site can see visual documenation of the cathedral being built and read the story of this hundred year old architectural work.

The City Review
The City Review is a 'zine devoted to Manhattan affairs and the arts with a strong emphasis on architecture, planning, real estate, museums, books and consumer technology. The City Review is a regularly updated forum for citizens concerned about creative and constructive ways for New York to maintain, enhance and augment its legacy of urbanity and the highest achievement in the arts. Such citizens need coverage that is sophisticated, but not distractingly stylish, pertinent and relevant without ...


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